University of Idaho Golf Course

Nestled among the rolling hills of the Palouse sits the historic University of Idaho Golf Course. Originally designed by Francis L. James and constructed in 1936, our golf course boasts a rich history and stunning scenery. Our panoramic vistas and the university’s arboretum create a backdrop that changes with the seasons from emerald green to amber gold.

Our uniquely challenging course offers a variety of shots, from uneven lies to elevated and recessed greens. The front nine provides scoring opportunities, featuring three par-5s in an open grassland venue. The back nine tightens up into a narrow parkland theme, including two difficult par-3s. The round concludes by running a gauntlet of three challenging holes known by locals as "Heartbreak Ridge."


University of Idaho

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University of Idaho Golf Course

1215 Nez Perce Dr
Moscow, Idaho, 83844, United States
☎ +1 (208) 885-6171
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The golf course is closed but your season doesn't have to end! Visit to book a time on our Trackman Simulator.

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El campo de golf está oficialmente cerrada para el invierno.

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