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It’s in the beautiful Lanaudière region that the St-Amour family chose to established Club de Golf Base de Roc. Sensing growth in the golfing industry, Alain St-Amour decided in the mid-seventies that it was time to take the risk…So it’s out of that spirit that in 1978 Club de Golf

Base de Roc was founded. Through hard work and tenacity M St-Amour brought to life out of the family terroir each and every 18 holes, 8 years in all, 4 for every nine holes. Now at its full maturity, this 6487 yards par 72 course is bordered by the magnificent

L’Assomption river. It offers quite a test to all level players, with its many water hazard and great variety of holes. With courses condition similar as some of the great private courses , it has one of the best value on the market.

Open to public golfers and members, Club de Golf Base de Roc offers a variety of services. From a versatile club house, to an inviting pro shop, it also has an all natural and very wide driving range as well as all the practice facilities.

Base de Roc, a place to discover. A place to adopt


Base de Roc

  • 18 hoyos
  • Par 72
  • 6487 patio
SSS N/A 130 120
SLOP N/A 71.6 69.5

Du 3 septembre jusqu'à la fin de la saison

Lundi à Jeudi06h00 à 07h28  : $30.00  07h36 à 12h56 : $40.00 13h04 à 14h56 : $35.00 15h04 à 15h52 : $25.00 16h00 à 17h52 : $20.00 18h00 à fin : $15.00


06h00 à 07h28 : $35.00  07h36 à 12h56 : $45.00  13h04 à 14h56 : $40.00  15h04 à 15h52 : $30.00  16h00 à 17h52 : $25.00  18h00 à fin : $20.00

Samedi, Dimanche et jours fériés

06h00 à 07h28 : $40.00 07h36 à 12h56 : $50.0013h04 à 14h56 : $40.0015h04 à 15h52 : $30.0016h00 à 17h52 : $25.0018h00 à fin : $20.00



Base de Roc

2870, Base de Roc
Joliette, Quebec, J6E 0L2, Canada
☎ +1 (450) 759-1818
Reserva Tee-Time

Nos vemos la próxima primavera!

El campo de golf está oficialmente cerrada para el invierno.

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