06 de diciembre de 2023, 18:30 — 19:45
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Detalles del evento

Immerse yourself in a harmonious session of Yoga and Sound Healing!

We will focus on different themes each week such as:

• Happy Hips

• Chakra Flow

• Spacious Heart

• Seasonal Detox

• New Moon Power

• Full Moon Energy

The session will begin with a grounding yoga practice, syncing breath with movement to cultivate strength and flexibility and will conclude with the therapeutic power of sound vibrations.

Each week you will receive sound frequencies and vibrations from various instruments such as crystal singing bowls, ocean drum, elk drum, chimes and gong.

This unique blend of yoga and sound encourages a deeper mind-body connection, fostering inner peace, reduced stress, enhanced focus, increased flow of energy and creativity. All levels welcome!

Opciones de inscripción / Entradas :

Nov. 8th Admission

Nov. 15th Admission

Nov. 22nd Admission

Nov. 29th Admission

Dec. 6th Admission

Cuando y donde

06 de diciembre de 2023
3251 Plateau Boulevard, Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3E 3B8
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